Photographing Sharks

Reef Shark - too traditional a viewpoint?

Reef Shark – too traditional a viewpoint?

Tomorrow I travel to Cuba for the first time and I’m fortunate to have 3 interesting assignments in hand.  One is to write an article for a UK magazine about diving in this very interesting country, which has its unique pulse, above & below water.  More of that in due course.  Another is to create some images for my book and for a column that I’ll be writing next year for an American magazine.  The final assignment is a self-imposed project to create, within the first 2 assignments, some images that might start to define a photographic style that I’m now seeking to develop.  It will be dominated by the wide angle underwater scenes that I have grown to love, but also I hope, by something more artistic than just capturing moments in time.  I’m starting the idea with some shark & other big animal photography to see if I can inject a much stronger sense of movement into the images.  There are some well-know techniques for this, of course, which I’ll try, but I’ve also been experimenting with variations of artificial and natural light that might be possible with compact cameras.  Methinks I’ll need some discipline in order not to revert back to the techniques that I already know work, especially as there will be some self-induced pressure to get assignments 1 & 2 in the bag.  Here’s hoping that the images will have more impact than my erstwhile (more traditional work) shown above…


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