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“I always go for simplicity”

I like this David Bailey quote.  When all else fails, simplicity often leads to great compositions.  There are many potential dimensions to it: filling the frame with a subject to remove extraneous clutter; using viewpoint or choice of lens for the same reason; careful selection of background; and so on.  But I’ve also always been attracted to simple monochrome images and some subjects suit this treatment so well.  Turtles are an interesting case, because on the one hand their shells are so beautiful that you can ignore the usual advice and so shoot from directly above to capture rich colours and patterns.  On the other hand, the patterns can be so strong that you crave to see only that, which was the case with this compact camera image.  Simple.  This and dozens of other composition concepts are documented in my forthcoming book, ‘Winning Images with Any Underwater Camera: the essential guide to creating engaging photos’, which Dived Up Publications will publish at the end of May.  The book launch will be on 11 June at 6:30 for 7:30pm in Ocean Leisure Cameras, Embankment London (a short preview of the book and more details of the launch is at this link).  It is an open invitation; everybody is welcome to attend and Dr Alex Mustard will open proceedings at about 7:00pm, when everybody should have a drink & some nibbles in hand courtesy of the author!  I hope to see you there…

best wishes to all, Paul Colley

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